Andrea Farmer is a contemporary fine artist from Chelmsford, Essex, England. She specialises in abstract land art and tends to exhibit her work mainly in Essex and London. Private and corporate commissions considered.

Art college trained, Andrea’s artistic journey took many paths allowing her to gain valuable creative experience, including working as an illustrator and graphic designer. During this time, she continued to experiment with painting and other crafts.

In 2003, encouraged by a London art gallery alongside a preference to work to her own methods, Andrea began creating abstract landscape works in oil/mixed media. Inspired by her love of landscape, nature and travel. Over time, these paintings evolved into a collection of artworks entitled "ethereal landscape paintings".

The ethereal landscape paintings focus on the British rural and coastal landscape. In particular, the way that light across the land creates abstract patterns, reflections and movement causing changes to perceived colour vision. These paintings have a glowing, sometimes hazy effect with opulent colours and evocative forms that melt into one another, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

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